Did you know you can donate to the Golden West Foundation while filing your 2019 taxes? Colorado has added a new option this year to donate tax refunds to any qualifying nonprofit. The option “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit” is part of the “Voluntary Contributions” schedule and only requires three pieces of information to designate part of your refund or filings to any 501(c)3 organization registered under the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act.

Here’s what you’ll need to donate to Golden West:

  • Name of the nonprofit: Golden West Communities, Inc.
  • The CCSA registration number: 20093003150
  • Donation amount: $ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _

Coloradans have been able to donate tax refunds to nonprofits for several years. On line 18 of your tax forms, there are 18 nonprofit organizations to choose from. While Golden West is not one of the 18 nonprofits named, you will be able to designate our foundation using the information above on line 19.

Why Donate to Golden West?

Donate to Golden West on Your Tax Return

For more than 50 years, Golden West has filled an important need in Boulder County by providing affordable housing for seniors. Our mission-driven, nonprofit retirement community provides a home as well as crucial services to local seniors and their families.

We are currently fundraising to support:

Wellness Center Support

Our residents’ health is important to us. Your contribution will help us update the fitness equipment in our Wellness Center used to keep residents active and healthy.

Rent and Food Subsidies

Stability is essential at every age. The Golden West Foundation provides rent and food subsidies to ensure our low-income residents can always call Golden West “home.”

Personal Needs Fund

We can make the world more accessible. The Personal Needs Fund supports the acquisition of walkers, wheelchairs, eyeglasses, and other accessibility devices for those who need them.

[New!] Local Art Initiative

No matter where you live, it’s important to feel at home. We plan to replace all art at Golden West with locally sourced pieces that represent Boulder’s creative culture and support local artists.

Donate Today

We need your help to make Golden West an even better place to live. Donate to the Golden West Foundation today to help us meet our 2020 goals and support a great quality of life for Boulder’s seniors.