No matter where you live, it’s important to feel at home. At Golden West, we’re always looking at how our community plays a role in making residents feel welcomed, safe and comfortable—but, more importantly, we always consider how we can make sure our residents feel our community is their home. We believe the environment we create has the power to truly transform our residents’ experience here, and using local art throughout our buildings can do more than support our local artists but help everyone living and working at Golden West feel connected to our community and region.

One of the qualities that makes life in Boulder so interesting is our prominent art culture. Represented by talent of all ages, we are fortunate to live in a community where Boulder’s students, residents and retirees can indulge their creative side.

As we make improvements around Golden West this year, including updates to our infrastructure, we are also taking on projects to breathe new life into our community through updated design and furnishings. This includes changes to how we decorate our buildings. For us, these interior design choices represent much more than simple aesthetic decisions—they are integral to how we represent our entire region and maintain a comfortable home here.

Supporting Local Art at Golden West

Image: painting of a snowy forest
The Golden West Foundation is fundraising to update the community with artwork by local artists in Boulder.

As part of our ongoing fundraising work through the Golden West Foundation, we have included plans to allocate resources towards replacing all the art in our buildings with locally sourced art. We believe local art reflects a shared experience of our residents and also establishes Golden West as a community that supports our local creative talent. We hope to show our support for the arts and give back to our fellow Boulder residents by purchasing a variety of modern and timeless pieces that can be enjoyed for decades to come.

While it may seem ambitious, we believe there is great value in bringing local art to Golden West. Here are a few benefits of using local art and beautiful design to create a truly timeless lifestyle in senior living:

  1. Attractive Design Contributes to a Good Mood

    The value of interior design is often overlooked but can actually contribute to a greater sense of happiness and self-worth. While functional design is highly important, like safe lighting and comfortable furniture, the aesthetic qualities of a community are important to the overall comfort of both residents and staff.

  2. Unique Décor Can Tell a Story

    When decorating a home, an office or just one wall, many people look for pieces that reflect their own character or remind them of something they love. In many ways, design choices tell a story about where we are, though this is not something that generic, abstract art pieces can always accomplish.

  3. Local Art is Important for Communities

    Supporting local artists is important for the health of an entire community and region. It maintains a rich culture and healthy economy. Research shows that cities with a thriving arts community even have improved civic and social engagement. This is why it is so important to support local artists and help nurture the existing creative culture that already makes our region so exceptional.

Our Progress So Far

Golden West currently has a collection of 26 pieces of local art, some of which was donated and not purchased. Because our community is still going through renovations, these pieces are not all on display right now. By continuing to collect more artwork from local organizations and our creative residents, we hope to create an environment where our residents and staff can thrive.

Donate Today

Your monetary donation will help us acquire art to redecorate our community. Your donations not only go towards our foundation’s ongoing work to support residents to age well at Golden West, but will help us update our furnishings and support local artists in our region.

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