John McCarthyBy: John McCarthy

Golden West’s mission, as a nonprofit organization, is to offer affordable housing choices to seniors AND be committed to providing quality services to residents, their families and the Boulder community.  The mission of the Golden West Foundation is to support those efforts through fundraising.

Our efforts in fundraising have been successful and I’d like to share with you some of the ways we are making our mission possible:

  1. We have just launched our 3rd Annual Friends and Family Campaign with a goal of $50,000.  We achieved our goals for the first two campaigns and it looks like we are off to a great start with this campaign.  The money raised from the campaign is for the benefit of our residents through rent subsidies, personal needs assistance, wellness scholarships and general building improvements.
  2. In August, we held a dedication of our new pavilion in the south garden. The family of Margaret Gray, a former long time resident of Golden West, stepped forward to provide the majority of funding for the structure.  The pavilion provides shade and comfort for residents enjoying the gardens.  Thanks to Jim Gray and Janet Kidd, Margaret’s children, for their generosity and support of this project.
  3. Our main dining room in the Towers has been under renovation since the summer.  Through funding from our dining services vendor, Morrison, we are able to upgrade our dining facilities to offer a new dining concept to our residents.  We are moving from the more institutional dining to a more flexible restaurant style. Residents will be able to dine anytime during the day rather than at set hours. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available throughout the day.  We will be fully operational by December 1, 2011.  The residents have voted to name the remodeled dining room the Ponderosa Dining Room in keeping with our theme of naming rooms after Colorado trees.In October of this year, we began the installation of a prototype window as the precursor for our window replacement project.  We have received a grant from the City of Boulder Affordable Housing Fund in the amount of $375,000 to replace windows in the Central Tower, Golden West’s oldest building (46 years).  The prototype will give us an idea of how long and what is involved in replacing the windows.  We hope to start and complete the replacement project in 2012.  We are launching an “adopt a window” campaign as part of our fundraising effort to come up with the $125,000 we need to match the grant.  Each window costs $1,000, but you can adopt a window with a gift of $250 and the match will cover the rest.

Our mission is only possible through the generosity of our donors, support from our vendors and opportunities to obtain grants that help us to provide quality services. We thank you for your support.