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The Towers Application for Golden West Senior Living 2017-04-03T17:01:19+00:00

The Towers Application for Residency

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* Golden West is required by the State of Colorado and City of Boulder to collect copies of income tax returns from residents and if not required to file a tax return, other third party verification of income must be provided such as Social Security statement and/or bank statements.

Contact Information:

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Apartment Request:

Please select the type of apartment you would prefer studio, one-bedroom or both. Keep in mind that very limited preferences can prolong the waiting time.

Studio Apartment:

1st Available Either TowerCentral Tower EastCentral Tower SE CornerCentral Tower West
Central Tower SW CornerSouth Tower NorthSouth Tower South
South Tower East EndSouth Tower West EndSouth Tower SE Corner

One Bedroom Apartment:

1st Available Either TowerCentral Tower EastCentral Tower West
Central Tower NW CornerCentral Tower NE CornerSouth Tower NW Corner
South Tower SW CornerSouth Tower North

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